About Us

Eight years ago we started a journey to innovate careers...

Today we are transforming the most important thing there is...

“Your Life”


An international, dynamic and fast-growing education company that has been transforming the lives and careers of 30,000+ individuals from 150 countries

Our Values

1 BE Authentic =>
We do what we believe in! 
COPY & PASTE is what we hate
2. BE Bold =>
We are direct! The power is in the simple approach, we don’t cover anything with FANCY words.
3.BE Driven =>
We do what we love. 
You should do the same.
4.BE Adventurous =>
We take RISKS and embrace setbacks... don’t get comfortable!
5. BE Mindful =>
We practice/exercise until we understand.
Really getting under the SKIN of things.
6. BE Appreciative  =>
We believe in the GOOD in people

Our story

Eight years ago, two ambitious entrepreneurs embarked on a journey to innovate careers. Today we are transforming lives across the world and have since grown into an international team of 60+ industry professionals.
Always with a passion for identifying talent and transforming the careers
of 'high potentials' we find and develop professionals, using our local knowledge combined with our international reach.

Empowering the brightest talent from the world’s leading institutions:

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