Advanced Finance Track 

What is it?

The Most Comprehensive 2-Day Programme Available

Get the most realistic training and education with our industry professionals from:

The Advanced Finance Track Structure

DAY 1:
Understanding the Sector
DAY 2:
Getting the Interview


DAY 3:
Preparing for
the interview
DAY 4:
Getting the Job

Our Flagship Finance Simulation Day

Face to Face Finance Super Interview Day with Investment Bankers and Recruiters from the Finance Industry

Our Results

 Student Satisfaction

“Most useful course at our school”
“Fantastic! These simulations with people from the industry are needed”

“I went through an assessment centre and the simulation and preparation was
really useful (I got the offer). Group exercise was exactly the same as
we did in class.”

4.8 / 5.0 Average Rating

Success Stories

“I cannot believe it myself but I have got the offer of GS for both Securities and IB!! I am so thrilled ! It is amazing. Honestly, this would not have been even thinkable before meeting you and training with you.”

~ Caroline

ilove2be MBA Simulation Participant

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